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Operational Leasing

The principle is that you use the car and we take care of it. It is a service for people that need to have free hands, while not driving.

You do not need to work out problems with the car repair service, municipal council or the tax office (Vehicle Exercise Duty). You do not need to have employees for the related paperwork. All assistance services and a replacement vehicle are at your disposal. All you do is buy fuel and windshield washer fluid.

Nevertheless you keep in mind the planned time of the car check-ups. To undergo a car check-up means that you hand the car keys over in your office and you get them back a few hours later. The operational leasing is provided in cooperation with authorized car repair companies.

An undisputed advantage of an operation leasing is the fact that amortization and all car related services are can be booked in as financial expenses without delay. The operational leasing can be arranged for a minimum period of one year.

Example: A Skoda Fabia combi car with an operational leasing arranged for three years costs 10 000 CZK/month. Presumed distance covered per month is 3 500 km.

Operation leasing may be also provided for vehicle types and/or makes that are not mentioned in our basic groups.


Services included in the price of leasing:

  • accident car insurance for Czech Republic and Europe
  • cost for aqcquisition and cost of vehicle delivery
  • regular preventative revise before winter
  • a replacement vehicle for free during repairs even when caused by traffic accident
  • vehicles always new arrivals from factory
  • obligatory insurance, including an international insurance card
  • toll sticker for Czech Republic
  • road tax and legal fees for radio
  • seasonal change of tires (winter / summer)
  • at each inspection, cleaning or replacing the entire vehicle interior
  • tire storage
  • full vehicle service including manufacturer statutory inspection or replacement of worn parts (brake pads ...)
  • arranging for all compulsory inspections (Vehicle Testing Station (SBP), emissions ...)
  • during all inspection - tyre replacement, car for free while collecting, transporting and returning the car to in all cases ensured by our company
  • order and ensuring the purchase of vehicles
  • until the time of delivery the required vehicle a spare car is provided ( for a charge)
  • the registration of the vehicle and allocation of state license plates (license plates)
  • a substitute vehicle delivered through the Czech Republic
  • assistance services
  • possibility to rent car accessories
  • processing of all claims on your cars
  • can be fitted with handsfree car kit


Benefits of leasing

  • Minimizing the cost when byuing the vehicle.
  • During the operation of the vehicle fixed payments (monthly )are possible throughout the lease term.
  • Guaranteed compliance of calculated operational costs throughout the lease.
  • There should be no economic risk associated with the final residual value of used vehicle sales, and there is a possibility of selling the vehicle for a pre-agreed residual value.
  • Minimization of administration associated with operating a vehicle: invoices, insurance, taxes, etc.
  • In the case of fleet management – you will reduce your own responsibility and save human resources in relation to the operation of the rolling stock.
  • Individual approach and comprehensive solution: a complete service (MOT, repairs, warranty inspections, etc.)
  • Brand new car of your choice.
  • Assistance services ensuring your permanent mobility.
  • The posibility to bill both fuel with the car rental invoice.
  • Security against car theft.
  • In the event of a claim negotiations with the insurance company and police – arranging for all possible documents and related agenda.
  • Discount for purchasing the car by our company, NO deposit payment!


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